Primary Resources

Primary Resources


The videos and resources on this page capture some of the experiences around key issues for schools in our region that have emerged from Work Group activity.  Schools may find the videos of interest to reaffirm or introduce ideas on these topics.  As the content gets older, and conversations on these topics develops and evolves, please consider the messages with an analytical lens. 


Why Make 'Space' for Spatial Reasoning (December 2023)

This session was led by Vicki Giffard- Primary mathematics Consultant. This taster session explored more about what is meant by Spatial Reasoning.


Whole class teaching and differentiation (March 2023)

This session was led by Dr Debbie Morgan, NCETM Director for Primary, as a current reflection on thinking around differentiation in a mastery context as part of our EMS Primary Teaching for Mastery:  Online Conference 2022-23.


Planning for SEND provision for a mainstream maths leader (November 2022)

This session discussed a framework for planning maths provision for SEND pupils informed by research, the DfE Mathematics Guidance, and experiences of working with pupils.


Deep Dives (February 2022)

This session aimed to support schools with preparing for a Deep Dive in mathematics by hearing the reflections from recent Ofsted experiences and exploring some of the potential questions that are often asked. 


EYFS Reforms (February 2022)

This session aimed to support schools to identify some of the changes to the mathematics educational programme and Early Learning Goals in the EYFS and to reflect on how progression in mathematical understanding is continued into KS1.


Shanghai Exchanges

As part of the Teaching for Mastery Programme, previous cohorts of Primary Mastery Specialist have been to work alongside mathematics teachers in Shanghai to share and develop pedagogy.  Each year, the teachers from Shanghai returned to England to deliver a sequence of learning to children in a host school that were open to participants involved in our Work Groups. The lesson PPTs and activities for each sequence of learning are shared below alongside a recording of the final lesson of each sequence.