Why Make 'Space' For Spatial Reasoning? (December 2023)

This session was led by Vicki Giffard, Primary Mathematics Consultant. During this online session, Vicki shared more about what is meant by Spatial Reasoning (and why it doesn't just mean geometry). She discussed why Spatial Reasoning is important - for daily life, Mathematics and the wider curriculum - and that research shows there is a positive correlation between spatial ability and mathematical ability - but often there is not a significant focus on Spatial Reasoning in the Mathematics curriculum. 

Vicki also shared information about the two SKTM programmes offered by East Midlands South Maths hub (primary and early years) could support you in raising the profile of Spatial Reasoning in school.

Please follow the below link to access the PDF of the slides from this session

Why Make 'Space' for Spatial Reasoning Slides (PDF)