Secondary Teaching for Mastery Embedding and Sustaining Work Group

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Embedding and Sustaining Work Groups are for all departments that have previously participated in Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups and all Mastery Specialist Departments.


What is involved?

The aim of this Work Group is to support Mastery Advocates in continuing to develop and embed teaching for mastery approaches in their own teaching and their departments, so that the department as a whole has systems, policies and ways of working which are compatible with teaching for mastery and allow for the collaborative professional development structures which are needed in order to develop and embed these approaches and to sustain them in the long term.

The Work Group will consist of two Mastery Advocates from a number of departments. The focus will be on participants supporting each other through the sharing of strategies and practice within the context of a vibrant professional learning community. Mastery Advocates will meet regularly throughout the year and the content of the various departments’ development plans will be the stimulus for how joint work will be devised and undertaken. Mastery advocates will support their own departments to work on elements of their action plan, developing collaborative ways of working which support their continuing professional development.

In addition to this, schools who participated in 2021-22 Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group will also receive Secondary Teaching for Mastery Embedding Year Support. Mastery Advocates (designated previously in the Development Work Group) will work closely with an assigned Mastery Specialist to help them embed teaching for mastery approaches across the whole department. Specialists will provide three days of bespoke support tailored to each school. For more information about the Embedding Year Support please see the NCETM Website 





Participant teachers and the subject leader will:

  • have a clear understanding of the leadership and management skills required to enable them to effectively promote and develop teaching for mastery approaches within their own departments
  • understand the principles and practices behind the creation of a coherent and connected curriculum which promotes teaching for mastery
  • understand the benefits of collaborative professional development for sustained development of professional knowledge and practice within a department.


Who is it for?

Schools that have previously participated in either a Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group or the Mastery Specialist Programme should join this Work Group. Lead participants continue to be Mastery Advocates who have participated in a Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group and key teachers from a Mastery Specialist’s department, but particular Work Group sessions may also be joined by colleagues from their departments.


What is the Cost?

The Teaching for Mastery Sustaining project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.


Where and When?

  • Session 1: Wednesday 16th November, 1 - 4pm – Sir Jonathan North Girls’ College, Leicester

To confirm your intention to attend the first session please complete a booking on Bookwhen via this link (Please also ensure you have completed the Enrolment form)

  • Session 2: Thursday 19th January, 1 - 4pm (Venue TBC)
  • Session 3: Friday 24th March, 1 - 4pm (Venue TBC)
  • Session 4: Tuesday 20th June, 1 - 4pm (Venue TBC)
  • + Two Showcase Lessons- Dates TBC



These Work Groups have now started for 2022/23 however enrolment is now open for our 2023/24 Work Group, please follow the link below: